Saturday, 7 November 2020

Fight Against COVID-19 @ Sidlaghatta Cocoon Market

Community Outreach Health Interventions at a Cocoon Market in Karnataka. 

Fight Against COVID-19 Project ~ Mobile Medical Services in collaboration with Ashok Leyland, Trinity Care Foundation & Aster Volunteers.  

For more detailed information regarding our COVID-19 interventions as part of CSR Initiative, Kindly write to us at [ ] The needs of the hour is Collaboration with Government Systems. In Karnataka state, India, Trinity Care Foundation supports;

  1. Safety of Medical Professionals & Healthcare Staff
  2. Infrastructure at Government Healthcare facilities
  3. Community Health Programs
  4.  COVID19 Outreach Program

We appeal to Companies to come forward to implement their CSR Projects partnering with us, Visit 

Fight Against COVID-19 @ Sidlaghatta Cocoon Market

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