Monday, 26 January 2015

Smile Project - Free Cleft Surgery

Trinity Care Foundation is providing Free Surgeries for Poor { Children and Young Adults } with Facial Deformities in Bangalore, Karnataka State, India. 

The Type of Facial Deformities are :

  1. Cleft Lip,
  2. Cleft Palate,
  3. Nose Deformity due to Cleft,
  4. TMJ Ankylosis,
  5. Ear Deformity,
  6. Facial Tumours
  7. Any other Facial Deformities !  

Trinity Care Foundation ( ) is a Public Health Organization that is involved in Holistic Treatment for Children with Facial Deformities, School Health Programs and Outreach Health Programs in Karnataka State, India.

You could also start off Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs for your Company ! Write to us for Details - " ”

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