Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Oral Health Problems in Students

Students ages 5 to 17 years missed 1,611,000 school days in 1996 due to acute dental problems—an average of 3.1 days per 100 students. Early tooth loss caused by dental decay can result in failure to thrive, impaired speech development,absence from and inability to concentrate in school and reduced self-esteem.

Children who take a test while they have a toothache are unlikely to score as well as children who are undistracted by pain. Poor oral health has been related to decreased school performance, poor social relationships and less success later in life. Children experiencing pain are distracted and unable to concentrate on schoolwork.

Oral health care is a critical component of health care and must be included in the design of community programs. School-based oral health services can help make preventive services such as fluoride and dental sealants accessible to children from families with low incomes. Services should include screening, referral and case management to ensure the timely receipt of dental care from community practitioners.

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