Sunday, 15 November 2015

Employee Volunteering


Volunteering plays a key role in strengthening our society by acting as a bridge between socioeconomic divides. On a community level, the organization you become a part of is likely to collaborate in social networks with other volunteer organizations and local governments, providing services that help build a cohesive society.

Bosch India Employee Volunteers in Schools, Bangalore , Karnataka, India.

For corporations, volunteering is a key part of promoting socially responsible business practices by tying in business decisions with respect for the community and the environment. Socially responsible corporations like to be known for founding or supporting philanthropic programs, using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, and encouraging their employees to better their communities.

Cerner India Employee Volunteers in Kolar District , Karnataka, India.

Employee-based volunteer programs strengthen a company’s relationship with its employees by promoting teamwork and encouraging open communication. These programs also firm up the relationship between a business and its surrounding community.

Why do people volunteer? 

Many people are motivated by selflessness, the desire to feel good, or the need to assuage guilt. Some want to demonstrate their commitment to a cause, while others may be looking for a new challenge to keep themselves busy or simply want to feel needed in some way. Students are often required to log a certain number of volunteer hours as a requirement for admission into a rigorous program.

On a personal level, volunteering has been shown to deliver benefits such as improved social skills, social recognition, higher self-esteem and better health.


If you wish to volunteer some quality services to our Outreach Health Programs focusing on women and children both in urban and rural areas in Karnataka, India. Please write to us at :- support[at]trinitycarefoundation[dot]org to inform about your skills and volunteering preferences.
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